Hi Bonita,

Hope all is well and the exhibition was a huge success!

Thank you so much to you and Jo for being so fabulous on the day!  I had an absolute ball and felt like a million dollars!  Everyone wants to know what brand make-up you use (sorry I’ve forgotten the name!) as they think it looked so wonderful on the day.

Will definitely spread the news.  Looking to get some pics in one of the bridal mags, so will let you know how we go and if it goes ahead will let you know as it will no doubt include a contact list.

There are some pics attached, and I will get a few hi-res copies that show the make-up well to send over to you.  Will check with John the photographer, but sure he will be ok if you wanted to use them on your website etc.

Anyway it’s back to reality now!  Very hard to get back into work after all the excitement and 4 weeks holiday!

Jen 🙂